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Lexema is launching the new Erasmus Plus Training Courses for Teachers and Trainers working in the education sector.


All our Teacher Training courses are eligible for funding under the Erasmus Plus Programme. 


Our goal is to provide courses regarding different topics and areas, which teachers can use for their needs in order to improve their learning activities.

The courses are interactive and experiential, involving the participants in hands-on activities which link theory and practice.


Our courses are based in Malta and deal with interesting and innovative topics, such as: Business English; Digital Marketing; Tourism in Malta; ICT and Computer skills; Leadership and Team Management; etc.


Our courses, developed in the framework established by the Erasmus+ Programme, are crafted to include both formal and non-formal education methodologies. Starting with a theoretical approach to the theme of the course, we proceed with non-formal learning strategies in order to guarantee and stimulate an active contribution from the participants involved. 


Why Should you choose our KA1 courses at Lexema:
  • run from individual Experts in the field;

  • mix of theorical, practical and group exercises;

  • include visits and free moments to discover the beautiful Island of Malta and have some fun;

  • a great learning and networking experience;

  • ideal accommodation solutions in the center of the island chosen by Lexema;


How to apply


You can ask for a grant to join one of our courses to your Erasmus+ National Agency! Under KA1 (key Action 1) organisations, schools, universities and colleges can apply.


The deadline for KA1 for this year was February 2, 2023

You can download the application form from the site of your National Agency.


In the Partner form (Sector C.2 Partner Organisation) you must insert LEXEMA PIC Number 933631112 then SUBMIT ONLINE THE COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM.



We'll send you all the useful information about your course!!!

ERASMUS+ KA1 Courses for Teachers and Trainers

Erasmus + KA1

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