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Claudio Serra - 03/01/2016 (Italy)

Finding an internship in Malta was very hard, I wanted gave up. Then I called Lexema Learning Experience and I found a great company in the marine industry in just 7 days. Thanks Lexema!


Albino Neziri - 10/11/2016 (Italy)

We have to thank Lexema and especially thanks to our tutor Libero for this wonderful experience here in Malta. This is our best work experience that has helped us to grow culturally and professionally... Thanks for all

Blanca Guquet - 04/10/2016 (France)

Thank you to Lexema and Libero who helped me to find THE internship I was looking for in one of the most famous hotel chains in Malta! :D The tasks assigned are very interesting and match perfectly with my level of studies which is not always the case in an internship context! and in addition, I have the chance to get great conditions with food and accommodation! Libero is really helpful and assisted me in all the training approaches. I definitely recommend!


Vittorio Boemia - 22/01/ 2017 (Italy)

The best experience of my life! Thank you Lexema for this awesome month! A special thank to Libero, he was like a brother... Always present and ready to help us.


Antonella Gregori - 21/01/2017 (Italy)

I thank Lexema in the person of Libero for making the days spent in Malta truly fantastic! Competence, professionalism, welcome, availability, sympathy, empathy and so on are the values found, welcomed and lived! Thank you Free from all of us!!!

Juan Carrion

Justyna Cebula - 02/02/2017 (Poland)

It was the best experience of my life. I miss so much this time! I will never forget the people who I met there and this beautiful place how is Malta.

Juan Carrión - 04/06/2017 (Spain)

I have had an Erasmus +KA1 educational working experience in Malta with Lexema. I have worked on improving the language teaching methodologies towards the immigrant students in a European context. The coordination, attendance, and information of my coordinator Libero Dachille have fulfilled my professional expectations when knowing the Maltese Educational System and Visiting Primary and Secondary Schools in Malta. I have really learned, enjoyed and worked successfully. It has been a great working experience. I recommend you Lexema without a doubt. Mr.Juan Carrión - English and French teacher in Granada, Spain.

Monika Sosna - 18/06/2018 (Poland)

I've been a part of Erasmus + program and it was a really great experience. We were lucky to have Libero as our Coordinator. He is the truly involved person who understand people needs and it was very easy and nice to cooperate. It is not common to put so much care and to ask each time when we were separate if everything is all right. We could catch him at any time of a day and night and always get the advice we needed - it's amazing!!! I cannot imagine anyone else, who could sort out our group that well. We could feel safe and well organized with him. Thank you very much!


Sara Campanari - 07/02/2017 (Italy)

Thanks to Lexema, I had the opportunity to carry out an internship in the reception of one of the most popular hotel in St.julians. They found me the accommodation in half board solution, the job every morning and a lot of fun experiences. It is an experience beyond thought which I can only encourage all and Libero is the best tutor ever !!


Laura Passaro - 01/09/2017 (Italy)

A special thanks to Lexema who followed me during my Erasmus in Malta and thanks to my tutor Libero, who during and after my stage has always been helpful and kind.

Daniela Bruno

Daniela Bruno - 22/10/2018 (Italy)

Thanks to Lexema, I had the opportunity to spend four weeks in Malta 🇲🇹performing an internship in an NGO in Valletta discovering a new culture and improving English and Maltese. For me, it was a great trip, for the first time far from my house, my family and friends. Malta and Libero represent a focal point on this month. Malta will be in my heart forever.


Maëlle Saviard - 03/11/2018 (France)

I had a 2 months internship experience at Lexema as marketing and project management Assistant. This was one of the most amazing time I spent abroad. Libero is highly committed in his work, always attentive to details and helpful. He helped me to adapt to the country's culture and way of life taught me a lot at work, gave me responsibilities and trust me. I am so grateful for every single time I spent in Malta. Thank you again Libero, I hope to see you again!


Teresa Fato - 20/01/2019 (Italy)

I had a 2 months internship experience at Lexema as marketing and project manager assistant. I really enjoyed working with Libero, because every day I had different tasks to do and he gave me responsibilities and trusted me, I was truly part of Lexema. It was an amazing experience that made me grow both personally and professionally. Thank you Lexema and Libero for the great time we spent together!😁

Melissa Waechter - 14/05/2019 (France)

I had the opportunity to do my 4-month internship at Lexema as a Marketing Assistant. This internship at this Lexema company has been rich in adventures and has been very interesting both professionally and humanely and represents a real life experience.

It has been a pleasure to work with Libero, he is someone who is passionate about his work and wants to share his knowledge. 

I left Malta with very fond memories in the hope that one day I would be able to return there. 

Oceane Giner

Oceane Giner - 14/05/2019 (France)

Working at the Lexema Erasmus agency has been a real pleasure! It is a very serious company with a very good working atmosphere. It was a very rewarding experience for me to do my internship in this company. 
The welcome of many people, each coming from different countries, allowed me to get richer and not only to meet the Maltese population. 
I have no regrets at all about choosing this place for these 4 months of internship with Lexema! 

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