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Web Tools for Professionals

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Day 1: Presentation and Introduction


MORNING: Presentation of Lexema programs, main activities and staff.

AFTERNOON: Introduction to digital marketing.


Day 2:  Learn how to use Social media and SEO


MORNING: Discover social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube Channel, Google+. Pinterest) and learn how to use them for web marketing.

AFTERNOON:  Learn how to reach a wider audience through SEO tools (Key SEO concepts, search results and positioning, benefits of search position).


Day 3: Improve your visibility through newsletter and blogs


MORNING: Engage your public through newsletter campaigns, learn how to build a successful newsletter and how to track results.

AFTERNOON:  Learn how to create a blog, why would you need a blog, how to build blog articles.


Day 4: The importance of graphic material and videos in the web marketing


MORNING: How to create graphic material for posts and marketing campaigns through using several free online tools, what are the elements that you have to consider when starting a marketing campaign.

AFTERNOON: How to create graphic videos to promote your organization or individual initiatives.


Day 5: Learn in practice with job shadowing


FULL DAY: Discover directly how a marketing organisation works through job shadowing. This activity involves following a local company throughout a workday, to get a close look at what a marketing job involves.  


Day 6:  Discover Malta with the Highlights Tour


FULL DAY: General tour of the most interesting and popular places in Malta. Discover history, culture and beauty of the island’s capital Valletta.


Day 7:  Departure Day


MORNING: Final evaluations

AFTERNOON: Delivery of the Certificates of Participation


Activity Programme


This course is funded by ERASMUS+ Programme. The amount of funding depends on the rules of the Member State from where the applicant applies. The funding will cover course fees and training material.


This course is ideal for all those educators (primary & secondary teachers, university staff (academic & admin), adult educators, trainers & coaches) who want to acquire information about biological agriculture, learn about biological production methods,  compare and contrast bio-production methods, exchange best practices on bio-production, learn about Maltese laws on biological production, understand the mechanism of the biological production chain.


The seminar is spread over 7 days, from Sunday till Sunday. Every day would consist of a morning session and an afternoon session with one coffee break. The program will include also excursion and business visits. 


Course Fee Registration Fees Tuition/Training;  Mobility Pass Certificate End of Course Certificate.

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