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Lexema Internship: where opportunity meets experience!

Why an internship in Malta?

Malta is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Tunisia. An internship in Malta means you get to boost your career whilst living in a truly Mediterranean paradise, such a combination is not easy to come by!

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So take advantage of this opportunity to discover a beautiful country.

In Malta, almost everyone speaks, or understands English. Most students come to enrol in a course or school to learn the language. In this culture diversity, a single way of communicating: English.

If you want to find yourself totally immersed and meet people from all over the world the best way to do the internship is in Malta.

One of the great strengths of Malta: the reasonable cost of living.

From recreation, accommodation to food, life in Malta is a real good plan for students with a rather tight budget. You can move around by bus for a day in the entire island at attractive prices. More simply, you can buy a bus pass for the week at discounted rates. A regular pasta dish would cost around 7€ and a cocktail for 3€. As for shopping, you'll be delighted to learn that the sales are not regulated in Malta and you can enjoy cheap rates all year according to each trader.

What’s better to do an internship while being able to easily discover the lifestyle, culture and visit the island without breaking the bank!

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Why choose Lexema?

Lexema is a company designed for students and professionals wishing to learn English and benefit from a wide variety of services on the beautiful island of Malta through the Erasmus+ program. We provide you with high quality English courses in our modern business. Organize your program according to your choice regarding your accommodation, your education and your different activities and ensure you spend a rewarding holidays.

Selecting Lexema allows you to perform a framed mobility, accompanied by a support in your administrative and pedagogical approaches.

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